They say we write about things we want to read.

In my case that would be all things identity and its fluidity; female beauty and her “ugly” siblings (vanity, jealousy, shame, etc); art and how it helps us be brave; astrology and how it helps us find our own truth; love & relationships and what it takes to nurture both; female friendships and honesty; and everything else in between. From a very personal perspective.

I also write in my native tongue for all you ex-Yugoslavians reading this.

On a typical week you’ll find me running workshops or interviewing for my Artful Identities project, giving in depth karmic astrology readings and having a therapeutic conversation or two with complete strangers. Variety is definitely a spice without which my life wouldn’t taste right!

And last, but not least, take a closer look at who I am, my story so far and my blog. Then if you feel a connection with me and would like to talk, reach out to me.

THE Logo

Venus in AriesIt’s the astrological symbol of Venus turned side up. It stands for the Feminine and Masculine principles united. In one person. Female and Male.

It also stands for all the women who do not feel they fit into traditional and conventional roles and definitions of Femininity and Womanhood.

And lastly it’s a symbol for Venus in Aries that I created inspired by my own Venus in Aries and all she put me through.