Facts etc.

My name is Maja [mah-ya), which sounds like “fire” in British English.  It also means “the veil of illusion” in Hinduism, which is reassuring since instability of meaning and fluidity of identity have been major themes in my life – and as of recently my creative expression.

My surname is Obucina [o-boo-tchi-na] which comes from Serbian words for shoes, footwear and cobbler. Quite fitting too for someone who loves walking. It’s a physical ache;  an itch I need to scratch or I’d go stircrazy; it keeps yuck away from my body & mind.

And this is what I look like on a good day.

Other facts

  • A female, age 47 (in 2016), childless by choice, petless by compromise and careerless by nature
  • Originally from a country that doesn’t exist anymore – Yugoslavia
  • For 2-3 months a year lives in Belgrade, Serbia and for the rest of the year with her partner in a leafy suburb in North London (UK)
  • A closet artist in the process of coming out
  • With one full and one half degree (English Literature & History of Art, respectively)
  • Looks terrible in yellow
  • Double Taurus, with intercepted Venus in Aries, in 12th house, conjunct Chiron, Eris and North Node (in Pisces); square Lilith (in Cancer) and Moon & MC (in Capricorn)
  • Talks to herself – out loud – in public ever since she was 10 years old
  • Can hold a decent conversation in Italian
  • A proud sister to a younger brother, a deeply decent and wise soul who’s also a fabulous crafter and designer.
  • Fascinated by her own shadows (of the Jungian kind) dedicating the second half of her life to integrating them
  • Parents in their late seventies both very much alive & kicking, thank you!


swim collage

Change, long walks, honesty, dancing, her partner, shapeshifting, sea, art, kindness, fairy tales, swimming, stylish yet comfortable footwear, swimming, stimulating conversations over delicious food & wine, mavericks, travelling, collages, a few special close females, exercise, laughing out loud, challenges (and to challenge), doodling, Sundays, her family, intense experiences, rain, playing with language, mountains, Far North, Majorca, connecting the unconnectable, all things 22nd century.



Status quo, lateness, violence, disappearance  of clearly defined seasons, champagne, unexpected visits and phone calls, neediness, being (s)mothered, homophobia, demands on my time, nylon, misogyny, mind games, xenophobia, abuses of power.

Statements that define her

Love is not all you need. But it’s essential for understanding what you need.

Children need their parents’ consistency. Adults embrace their own inconsistency.

Honesty is the ultimate expression of kindness and (self)respect.

Never take others – or yourself – for granted.

Our body is an extension of our emotions.

Listening is witnessing and honouring existence.

Nothing ever stays the same. Ever. Including you.

Read poetry to scramble your mind to think freshly to stay sharp to be inspired. Dance and doodle for the same reasons.

Self awareness that leads to self acceptance is all the power you’ll ever need.

Up is not the only way. You can go off track, wonder into the woods and still get to the top. Or somewhere even better. Plus, you’ll have more fun on the way.

Truth sets you free. It’s also an aphrodisiac.

It is not what we feel and think that defines us; it is what we choose to do with those feelings and thoughts that does.