In the words of others

“You were probably the first person to make me think about me – who I was and why I was the way I was. It is something you cannot put a price on […] You certainly provide inspiration and when you are able to give someone a vision – there’s nothing more powerful. When you have the ability to ask deep and challenging questions then you have a big talent!” (Dean, Birmingham, UK)

“Maja is a great coach. She has made me feel inspired and motivated towards my personal goals and helped me maintain the self confidence and self belief that I can reach them. Through coaching conversations her direct, yet warm and friendly style has enabled me to keep focused and ensured that I leave each conversation with clear, realistic action points. I have felt empowered to pursue and to complete tasks in between each session, have kept on track and stepped up to Maja’s absolute enthusiasm. She naturally creates a sense of ‘taking responsibility’, without any overt pressure. If it had not been for Maja I feel that at times I may well have gone off the rails in the stressful environment I currently work within. She has helped me to keep on track at a difficult and challenging personal time and has made me feel that I can get through this period. She has also helped me to conquer my fear of taking on my first client. I will always value this experience. Thank you Maja.” (Amanda, Steyning, UK)

“Throughout our sessions, I found Maja to be an excellent listener and empathetic. She was not afraid to explore the goal from different angles and to get right underneath it and challenge my commitment and motives. These searching questions just re-affirmed how important my goal was to me and how much I wanted to achieve it. I found Maja to be very professional at all times.” (Henrietta, London, UK)

“Your support has been invaluable – you are a source of inspiration.” (HG, London, UK) “I have really enjoyed working with Maja. Her coaching has helped me to question the reasons why I want this and focus on the important element. I have found Maja to be very professional and have enjoyed exploring different tools to help me with my goal.” (Ann, London, UK)

“Maja really inspired me through her coaching. Our sessions would always energize me and motivate me for the day and the week ahead and enable me to be more effective.” (Chantel, London, UK)

“The coaching session I had with Maja has helped me enormously. In just one session I have been able to achieve an important goal – and a month later it’s still working so well! Can’t thank you enough Maja!” (Elaine, Birmingham, UK)

“This has been my first experience with a life coach and I found Maja’s method to be very insightful. She has amazing listening skills which enables her to bring fresh perspectives to each coaching session. While she is organized and professional she is also compassionate and nurturing which made the sessions both comforting and productive experiences. Maja has skilfully helped me to go where I have never ventured before: to think about me, to verbalize my passions and to quantify my goals as I struggle to define the next chapter of my life. Trust and Truth – these are the two words that have had the most impact on me from my first session with Maja. She gained my trust which allowed me to be truthful about the things in my life that really matter most and to face the fears head on. Defining these dreams and goals and gaining my self confidence has been a life-changing process. She has me focussed and believing that they can be accomplished.” (Mary, Marblehead, USA)

“Maja’s friendly manner and good sense of humour put me at ease right from the beginning of our coaching relationship. I found Maja encouraged me to explore my options and constructively challenged my ideas thus enabling me to meet my goals. Maja’s excellent recommendations for further reading were inspirational, providing greater insight into myself and ways to progress.” (Maria, Newcastle, UK)