Managing Communications

The Brief

To deliver timely and accurate communications – online (emails, website) and in print (letters, user guides) – to some 13000 markers in England on a project that was bringing online marking of the national curriculum tests to the UK for the first time.

My Role

I was hired to manage all communications to markers which included: writing, editing and approving website content, emails, letters, handbooks and user guides. I also created online training tutorials; improved document quality control; liaised with external print & design agencies; and run weekly meetings with team leads to review progress and ensure all internal and external deadlines were met.

The Project 

I had the sole responsibility for designing and writing Marking Application User Guide (print) which I wrote by working closely with software engineers and testers.

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One of the issues was that the Marking Application was originally created for the US market and any customisation for the UK market was proving very difficult.

So, my challenge was not only to instruct the user of the steps they needed to perform to mark the papers but to do considerable amount of “translating” some of the US English into British English. Wanting to keep the instructional content and pages as clean and clear as possible I dealt with the language issue by adding a glossary section dedicating to translating the language difference.

For all other user guides I was the editor.