Other Small Web & Design Projects

These are my own personal web and design projects showcasing my eye for good design and copy writing skill.


My parents were selling our family home and needed a website in three languages for three potential buyers markets – Russian, English speaking and local Montenegrin buyers.

house in budva

I wanted a WordPress theme that with the design that would showcase our house in all its beauty. I settled on Tritone Lite theme – its tiled look reminded me of the brick, stone and marble patterns inside the house. I then created three identical websites in three different languages. interlinking them in the top menu and the side bar. Check out the English version and if interested have a look at the Russian and Montenegrin versions too.

Logo Designs

I designed a logo for my coaching business. One of its core values was “celebrating & supporting the uniqueness of my clients and their choices” hence the name Unique Coaching.

unique coaching

I chose  bold Impact font  and colour red for the word ‘coaching’ to stand for action, impact and courage. This was counterbalanced with the grey of the word ‘unique’ to suggest a calm, neutral and safe space for clients to explore and express themselves openly. It also stood for professionalism of my services. The different fonts within the word ‘unique’ were a nod to the plurality and fluidity of identity – we are not just one solid fixed identity but changeable & evolving. And the red letter “i” stood for my client’s individuality realised and lived.

I also designed a header for another coaching service I was offering – NLP coaching for technical projects.

the new comms

Because I was targeting IT businesses I chose grey as the main colour to stand for professionalism, authority and technology. On the left were  technical terms, processes and products which (much like the left brain activity) are the result of logic, scientific work and critical thinking. On the right I had people’s faces of different gender and race representing all technology end users. And in the middle, bridging the cultural and communication gap between the techies and the non-techie end users are my services – in red for impact, focus, action. Also, because red and grey look great together – just like my services were a perfect fit on technical projects.

Copy Writing

My Unique Coaching website is not live anymore but I created a page holder with key messages – check out the copy.

Leaflet Design

Another service I used to offer was NLP for people who wanted to stop their food cravings. To generate business I created leaflets which I distributed around different North London neighbourhoods.

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The pattern design was based on my website’s background. The line What Colour Is Your Feeling? was actually a question I would ask in the sessions. NLP helps people by focusing them on their feelings as opposed to content – on the HOWs instead of WHATs and WHYs. By identifying their feelings of cravings in colours, shapes, sounds, movements, etc. my clients were able to manipulate them e.g. by reducing the shape, they were reducing the impact these feelings had on them and in turn were able to change how they felt about the foods they were craving.