Web Content Migration & Merger

The Brief

To integrate web content from three different councils that were merging into one local authority.

My Role

I was hired to manage the content merger and migration of these three different websites. I managed content authors across three authorities and six different service areas; setup web content management procedures including editorial and technical standards for staff publishing to the new website; ensured website information architecture adhered to the Local Government Navigation List (LGNL) standards; and trained users on the new CMS (Tridion).

 The Project

Back in 2009 LGNL was a commonly-used national taxonomy by local councils to structure their website.

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It was extremely complex, with 11 main categories from ‘Advice and benefits’ to ‘Transport and streets’ branching into sub-categories and lower headings numbering in their hundreds. The greatest challenge was sorting out the deeper end content (i.e. 3rd click onwards) so that users could still find what they were looking without getting lost in the ocean of irrelevant information. Our solution at the time was to have intelligent metadata and site’s search function.