Website Redesign

The Brief

Redesign a website section dedicated to a major urban redevelopment project by:

  • adding interactive maps of all the redevelopment locations to make it easier and more fun for public to engage with the project;
  • improving the navigation of the section to make it easier to find information;
  • rewriting the content in a much clearer and more engaging language.

My Role

I was hired to project manage the whole process – from gathering business requirements, to scoping the project, hiring the right agencies and freelancers, negotiating internal resources, managing the internal web team, while working across departments and delivering the project on time, to spec and budget.

The Project

Since the web pages being redesigned were going to remain part of the main council’s website it was essential they stayed within the council’s look&feel and branding guidelines.

However, noticeable improvements were showing on the interactive map pages.

The drop down boxes and tabbed tables meant that users could get a lot of key information and high level views of the locations without leaving the page. But if wanted could be taken to a new page to learn in more depth and detail about specific locations.

Possibly the biggest challenge was copy writing.

Although mostly aimed at the general public who preferred plain and jargon free language, this content was also used by the urban planning professionals, public servants and politicians. But, as this was a typical tension in any government communication – its audiences being literally everyone in the area – some compromises were made e.g. leaving the necessary jargon in but moving it to PDFs and ‘deeper’ pages, as well as making them easily searchable.