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Artful Identities

What would it mean for your sense of self if you considered your identity to be “the most beautiful and complex artwork” you’ll ever make whether you are a professional artist or not?

Discover exciting opportunities this question can take you to by coming along to the workshops or by being interviewed for Artful Identities online.


If you’re feeling stuck and disheartened because your life’s lost a spark, a sense of purpose and meaning, then you may well find my evolutionary astrology reading very helpful.

Therapeutic Conversations

To be witnessed by another person is all that sometimes takes to give life to that part of us that longs to come out. To be seen for who we are underneath our top layers is deeply nurturing and self affirming. It is the greatest gift someone can give us. 

And yet it’s often the hardest thing to ask of someone close – especially if we are deeply invested in that relationship. It is often much easier to share our hidden truths with a kind stranger. Before we can share them with our near and dear. Like actors, rehearsing before going on stage to face their audiences. 

Does this resonate with you?

If so, then I can be that stranger for you. Witness you. Hear your story. Your yet untold truth. Before you take it to your crowd.

I can hold a safe space for you to unfold. Reflect you back to you so you can see more clearly the shadows and the light that you are.

THErapeutic conversations Service summary 

Via: Skype

Fee: £40 for one hour

Payment: PayPal

Booking: Contact form